mardi 6 août 2013

Garden des Lacs

I have no time to be bored during these holidays.
So I also have more things to blog about. But no time to blog.
Ya feel me?

Today I'm going to show you the bright sun favouring Belgium with its presence this summer.

I went to the lakes with these girls for the Garden des Lacs. It's a small event, usually a lot nicer with a better weather.

But Marie had brought some champagne and we couldn't enter with it, so we had to drink it juste the 3 of us.

Sarah, then Emeline also joined us later

She even insisted on coming with me to the toilets. And took pictures.

Also talked with my old friend Amandine

This picture is perfect!

Then Croce appeared

And Antoine and Nicolas appeared

And the usual François and Gilles

Look at every single of our faces hahaha

Robin. I look crazy as hell lol

With Marine

Also, Chloé and her girlfriend

I seriously can't duckface. I just look like a sad child who can't have what he wants

Finally, I met a bunch of other people, came back home, went out again, and later in the night I turned 20!

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