lundi 26 mai 2014

Matsuri at Yushima Shrine

I've been living in Japan for a while now and I started to miss blogging.
I actually have to stay up late because my hostsister hates being alone and she's in an exam session... so I have some time to waste on my computer. I'd also like to change the style of my blog for this, we'll see...
I also want to post about my trip to Seoul as soon as I'll get my pictures

So, let's go back to yesterday at the Yushima Shrine, which is dedicated to Tenjin, the God of... learning~.

I went there with my hostfamily, their friends and also met Sayuri (a friend from Malta) at the station

Sayuri was a good teacher and explained me all the praying ritual

I also got this omamori from my hostmosther to bring me luck into my travels. She bought a study omamori for her oldest daughter too.
She told me if my plane crash, she will never buy her omamori there again... *ahem*

Sayuri also suggested to get our omikuji (kind of fortunes... ?) while everyone was buying food and drinks.
I already tried once with my other friend from Malta, Yuki, when I was in Nagoya

I wasn't especially curious but the content surpised me as it was veerryy similar to the past one, except my level of luck was higher.

Findind some treasure in other people's wish

An ancient Japanese mesure

That chibiko is actually so proud of her size she uses it for most of her urls (but she was wearing platforms that day)

And here is my hostmother on the left. I'm next to her friend Miya who also welcomes foreign students into her house~.
I actually spend most of my time with them drinking.

Food hunting time キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!!

Very normally enjoying some Korean deliciouness in a Japanese festival, very hot 호떡 (hotteok) ♥

Take a minute or two to look at this fish

I bought something from a stall, and the old woman also handed me that kind of meat pancake she was cooking and said it was offered, then asked Sayuri to translate for me haha. Thank you おばあさん, but even if I didn't speak Japanese, that wasn't a difficult one.
Anyway, she was very cute and her food was delicious ♥

With just Sayuri and my oldest hostsister, Kotone we left for Ikebukuro to find a birthday present for "our" youngest sister.

We also took some purikura along the way.
Those "Focus, guys" and "Calm down" are famous sentences from our English teacher in Malta (even though Sayuri and I never shared the same class or even level)

I also met EXO on a random shop of span style="color: #e165a0;">Kotone we left for Sunshine City ( ̄▽ ̄)=3

The day ended with an English lesson in Mister Donut with Koto's friend, Rena before saying bye to Sayuri and going home.

So many things happened, it feels like 2 different days.
But I could buy Akane's birthday present

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