mardi 20 août 2013

Kpoptown haul

Hello, this is your average fangirl.

Today I got my parcel from The kind Anne helped me to order again (-^□^-).
Actually the postman came yesterday but it was someone I know replacing the usual postman, and I was playing the Wii... so I didn't open the door haha (=◇=;) . #sociallyawkwardme

I went to pick it myself this morning, came back home then procedeed to its surgery (`・ω・´)

When I opened the box, this card was waiting for me and I was like "Oh... So I got Suho...", then I flipped it. "There's Luhan too". But when I opened the plastic envelope, I realized all of them are there (6 cards with pictures on both sides) and the cards are from kpoptown, not official ones.

But it happens that they sent them twice. I discovered another 6 in the box.
This makes me even more sad not to have EXO fans friends to share them with. I look like a loner with all of these (/TДT)/

I got EXO's Chinese version of the repackage edition of XOXO album.
I already knew Korean albums have no standard size but this one is particularly bigass. EXO's fans probably already had a look at this 104 pages booklet-album, so I won't bother other people with it.

But still showing the big point (to me)... Yixing's crazy abs. Haha I love you Lay (≧▽≦)

Infinite's Destiny.

By the way! I got the EXO-K card (with the Chinese version, yes) and Dongwoo card. They aren't my favs nor do I hate them. I think I could trade these to a different one but I have no friends into them (TωT).

My current O'neill suitcase is too small for my upcoming year abroad, so I ordered a plain Eastpak bag-style suitcase. I was thinking about personalizing it when I found this emblem among EXO's official goods.
I think it might be a good start, though I still don't know what I want to do.

Fangirl bracelets. At first I just liked the knob design! Really!

Kpoptown offers jewellery similar to your fav idols'. I'm not really into having the same earrings/ring/anything  but I think they're pretty and good quality too. Also, I always end up buying similar items as Dongwoo's. I guess we have similar tastes haha? (^ε^)♪
Unfortunately this pair is rather difficult to lock (-з-)

With a random coord

And this blue rabbit anti-dust plug. This one doesn't tend to run away like my One Piece ones do.
Also, enjoy my stupid face.

That's all for the Kpoptown haul (*^▽^*)

Oh. I didn't show the posters but they're quite fabulous y'know ☆

One last thing! Yesterday, Géraldine came to give me my first (and belated) birthday present. Yep, I turned 20 on June 23rd, so I guess she isn't too late?

She cutely wrapped it with newspapers.
She invaded late and I was in my pj. No comment about this, I'm already the first hater of my legs (and basically my whole body) (/ω\)

Géraldine posing with the birthday present. To be honest this isn't something I'd have bought myself, but she put a lot  of concern and attention into finding a good present and (maybe because it's the my only birthday present) I was super moved.
Although as Clara said, it's a secret to no one I love wings...

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  1. *se cache* I'm not kind *sors*
    Ooooh mes chaussettes EunHyuk <3 oh et tiens mes chaussettes Infinite :D (nah on ne reconnait pas du tout mon bias *resors*)

    1. T'es dingue ou quoi, t'es adorable !
      Regarde le bordel que ça a mis dans ma chambre :D

  2. Ohhhh, I love the earrings a lot! And omg his ABS 030 I like your legs, they're nice looking hahaha ♥ Where are you studying abroad?

    1. Haha I still don't know why he went half-naked... but it's cute!
      Oh thank you (/ω\) And thank you for commenting ♥
      I'm leaving for Malta soon, then I'll go to Japan (^w^)


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