mardi 30 avril 2013

April's fashion

At the beginning of the month, I had a lot more time to post, but now I'm back to school and things are getting very serious there (ToT) Our end-of-the-year exams are getting closer and closer, and we've a ton of sh*t to do.

Anyway! I'm flying to Bologna next week for 3 days. Had anyone been there before? What are the things to do? (^o^)

Remember my last two pairs of sneakers? Well, I've been trying to coord them to go to school.
I probably need more clothes, 'cause I only got to wear yellow one or two times. But I don't want to buy too much at the same time because I'm constantly throwing some away 'cause I keep losing weight.

My dad says I'm lucky because I can look a bit skinnier while being fat 'cause my legs are long. I guess it's a compliment.

Stripped kid from Lee.

Sweater JBC, short cut jacket Lee and bag Roxy

Same, with Bench. hoodie and Esprit snood.

Both are Roxy hoodies.
I need to find something else to do with my right hand, seriously.

Took the picture on my way to the station. You can't see but I was only wearing a plain white t-shirt under my jacket, because it was about 23°C (and, yes, I'm quite sensitive to the cold and kept my jacket all day)

Snapped shoots of the town where I go to school, on my way to the station. We had to meet there and take a train to university.

We spent the day at uni with economics students. Not sure about what happened because Numan is quite broad-shouldered

So I took a billion selca with Salèna at the back.

And François ate all my cuncumber.
Never brings anything to eat at school, even vegetables.

We had to play a game of business by teams (childish design but very serious thing). And I think all the others teams shouted at one time "Momo!! If it's you, I'm hiring you" or "Momo, you can build these snowboards, right?"

Our team won hehe. A big bag of university sponsored things such as ball-points and booknotes (--")

vendredi 12 avril 2013

In the trees

For our last year, teachers are planning a lot of activities to become friends all together just some months before leaving high school forever. What a good idea. After hating them for 6 years, we get to talk to everyone, and then say bye! hehe

Anyway this week we had a so-called Sport Day, which consisted of tree climbing and moutain bike.

With Sarah!
We had to go to school earlier in kind of sport clothes and carry our lunch the whole day (yeah I usually go home  for lunch!), so I only had time to put light make up.

Sarah and Guillaume "Teddy bear" who is a kind of bike pro.

We then had a very long bus ride I spent standing because there wasn't enough seats and guys have no manners. We had to divide into two groups by choosing between mountain bike in the morning and tree climbing in the afternoon or vice versa, so the teacher could make us do the opposite. Just, wtf?

François being helped by Lucas to put the straps.

Idolizing the pro, Géraldine and Chloé

Introduction course with François. (I think my eyes colour is weird)

Going up in the trees~. Thankfully the sun was shining, because the temperatures were around 0°C.

In the trees with Daphnée, whose mom is Congolese (could you tell?!)


This is me with a fear of heights. Hello.

The good thing is that you sometimes pass by friends on different trails (^3^)

This is our teddy bear!

And Olivier.

Gorilla trail because we are crazy like this.

Rebecca ridng the zip wire.

François and Lucas. Hello!

This is the leopard trail by the way. But it was almost lunch time and I couldn't do it since I wanted to go for the zip wire trail with Nico and Numan.

And that's Nico crashing at the end of the... third zip wire? He was too afraid and didn't stretch his legs.

I'm safe pose. That's when we realized...

.... we realized... the last one... was crossing over the lake.

Seriously. And Nico was screaming so much I was growing more and more scared. But Nico and Numan were kind enough to wait for me.

I'm sorry, did I say "last one" ? Just kidding, you now have to go back.

François crossing

And finally it was lunch time and we met our friends (or not) who were mountain biking. Ball > eating.

It didn't last long and it was soon time to get on our bikes. And this is Chloé, hiding from the cold.

And this didn't last long either by the way. Because girls are weak, y'know.
I went straight into Géraldine to take this photo.

And it soon ended like this.
The girl team asked the teacher to stop and have a hot chocolate, and since it was too late to catch up the boys' team, I asked to go back tree climbing.

I quickly found Gilles, followed by Thibaut on the zip wire crossing over the lake.

Time to wait for them then put back the straps, it was too late and we couldn't go up in the trees one last time.

Tired Gilles and Quentin waiting the bus. You're young, boys, it's too early to be tired. I even spent the bus ride back standing up again.

It had been a long time since my last picture-heavy post. Hope you don't dislike them though!