samedi 24 août 2013

Gentse Feesten

Every year around the Belgian National Day, and since 1843, the Gentse Feesten (Genth Festival) take place in the beautiful city of Ghent.
The city is sprinkled with random small street acts, street artists, World food stalls, etc.

Ghent being about 2 hours away from where I live, I went with my two (separated) parents to spend the day there, but sadly leaving before the parties of the night (´・ω・`)

We shared food on the terrace on the Vooruit's museum.

It was so hot that day, so we tried that new frozen yoghurt place. It was under the average temperature all year and suddenly the sun was shining worth one year (´□`。).
My dad and I like to order different things and share when we eat something, but my mom never get used to it (anyway we don't like the same things). So we ordered one for us and she chose hers. She allowed us to taste it, though.
(Also, he's more used to wait until I took enough pictures before eating. He even helps with the arrangement.)

Acting like it's his legs. I couldn't tell him he's far from a model (><;)

« Taste here the World » (or something. If I have Dutch reader, they probably already know how much I suck.)

mardi 20 août 2013

Kpoptown haul

Hello, this is your average fangirl.

Today I got my parcel from The kind Anne helped me to order again (-^□^-).
Actually the postman came yesterday but it was someone I know replacing the usual postman, and I was playing the Wii... so I didn't open the door haha (=◇=;) . #sociallyawkwardme

I went to pick it myself this morning, came back home then procedeed to its surgery (`・ω・´)

When I opened the box, this card was waiting for me and I was like "Oh... So I got Suho...", then I flipped it. "There's Luhan too". But when I opened the plastic envelope, I realized all of them are there (6 cards with pictures on both sides) and the cards are from kpoptown, not official ones.

But it happens that they sent them twice. I discovered another 6 in the box.
This makes me even more sad not to have EXO fans friends to share them with. I look like a loner with all of these (/TДT)/

I got EXO's Chinese version of the repackage edition of XOXO album.
I already knew Korean albums have no standard size but this one is particularly bigass. EXO's fans probably already had a look at this 104 pages booklet-album, so I won't bother other people with it.

But still showing the big point (to me)... Yixing's crazy abs. Haha I love you Lay (≧▽≦)

Infinite's Destiny.

By the way! I got the EXO-K card (with the Chinese version, yes) and Dongwoo card. They aren't my favs nor do I hate them. I think I could trade these to a different one but I have no friends into them (TωT).

My current O'neill suitcase is too small for my upcoming year abroad, so I ordered a plain Eastpak bag-style suitcase. I was thinking about personalizing it when I found this emblem among EXO's official goods.
I think it might be a good start, though I still don't know what I want to do.

Fangirl bracelets. At first I just liked the knob design! Really!

Kpoptown offers jewellery similar to your fav idols'. I'm not really into having the same earrings/ring/anything  but I think they're pretty and good quality too. Also, I always end up buying similar items as Dongwoo's. I guess we have similar tastes haha? (^ε^)♪
Unfortunately this pair is rather difficult to lock (-з-)

With a random coord

And this blue rabbit anti-dust plug. This one doesn't tend to run away like my One Piece ones do.
Also, enjoy my stupid face.

That's all for the Kpoptown haul (*^▽^*)

Oh. I didn't show the posters but they're quite fabulous y'know ☆

One last thing! Yesterday, Géraldine came to give me my first (and belated) birthday present. Yep, I turned 20 on June 23rd, so I guess she isn't too late?

She cutely wrapped it with newspapers.
She invaded late and I was in my pj. No comment about this, I'm already the first hater of my legs (and basically my whole body) (/ω\)

Géraldine posing with the birthday present. To be honest this isn't something I'd have bought myself, but she put a lot  of concern and attention into finding a good present and (maybe because it's the my only birthday present) I was super moved.
Although as Clara said, it's a secret to no one I love wings...

dimanche 11 août 2013

Francofolies de Spa

During summer, Belgium is very popular for its festivals. Tomorrowland probably being the most famous.

My dad is a bookseller and stationer. You can also play the national lottery at his shop, so they often come and give us presents related to the events they sponsor.
This time we got to be VIP at the Francofolies in Spa. A festival with only French-speaking artists (but not necessary singing in French).

This festival lasts 5 days and we could choose only one day (for two persons), including a private parking (it's so hard to park when there's so many people), dinner, drinks and an access to the platform.

For the first time on the blog... my mooom!
My parents are separated but still on good terms, and this time he gave her his ticket.

The VIP room. There was a small screen showing the biggest stage for slackers


Wheat tabbouleh salad topped with salmon and a fresh parsley mayonnaise

In the meantime you could go see the concerts. This is Ozark Henry, a Belgian artist I really like and already saw earlier, but it was hard being first.

Saez and the moon

Finally, Martin Solveig.

In the shuttle, back to the parking, before a 1~2 hours journey.