About me

☆ Profile

Name Morgane
Date of Birth 23rd June 1993
Country Belgium
Height 164cm
Blood Type B+
Favourite colour white

☆ Morgane

I'm Morgane, but I rarely hear this name since everyone calls me Momo. I'm 20 years old and I'm the weird result of a Belgian-Italian mixture. I grew up Italian-style in the French-speaking part of Belgium. I like sports and practice ski, squash and yoga. I'd like to travel, learn more languages, extend my knowledge and culture, etc.
I also have weird addictions like patterned bandages, touristy rubber stamps or having my name misspelled by Starbucks.

I'm leaving soon for a gap year before starting university (where I still don't know what to study. help.)

14TH SEPT~7TH DEC   St Julian's, Malta
27TH DEC~4TH JAN   Skiing holidays in France
11TH JAN~4TH JULY   Tokyo, Japan
APRIL 2014   Seoul, South Korea

☆ Contact

Kakaotalk/LINE: nomomorewait
If you have any question or suggestions: nomomorewait@live.be