dimanche 11 août 2013

Francofolies de Spa

During summer, Belgium is very popular for its festivals. Tomorrowland probably being the most famous.

My dad is a bookseller and stationer. You can also play the national lottery at his shop, so they often come and give us presents related to the events they sponsor.
This time we got to be VIP at the Francofolies in Spa. A festival with only French-speaking artists (but not necessary singing in French).

This festival lasts 5 days and we could choose only one day (for two persons), including a private parking (it's so hard to park when there's so many people), dinner, drinks and an access to the platform.

For the first time on the blog... my mooom!
My parents are separated but still on good terms, and this time he gave her his ticket.

The VIP room. There was a small screen showing the biggest stage for slackers


Wheat tabbouleh salad topped with salmon and a fresh parsley mayonnaise

In the meantime you could go see the concerts. This is Ozark Henry, a Belgian artist I really like and already saw earlier, but it was hard being first.

Saez and the moon

Finally, Martin Solveig.

In the shuttle, back to the parking, before a 1~2 hours journey.

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  1. Oh wow, this just looks like such a fun and exciting time! And the food sure looks delicious too!

    fashion and tea

    1. It was! Being a VIP is not as entertaining as the usual, but it was still fun :)
      Thank you for your comment (^w^)

  2. This sounds like fun! Ive never been to a music festival before.. Anyway the VIP lounge looks cute and i love how they placed the breads on bags.. :D and you have the same eyes as your mom (i think) :)

    1. The same eyes?! She kept the pretty colour for herself, though T^T
      Thank you for commenting ♥

  3. This looks like a lot of fun and how cool that you got to be VIP :D The food looks really good too!

    1. It's a cool side of a festival but not always the best! It was fun though!
      Thank you for your comment (^w^)


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