samedi 29 juin 2013

Next year.

So many little things happened lately. I'm trying to blog about them one by one but time goes by so fast and I'm leaving my dear Belgium soon.
I've been talking about it for a while now and maybe you catched a glimpse into my last post or via twitter.

I am going to spend the upcoming year in Malta and Japan ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!!

There are shitty quality phone pictures my dad sent me ⇈

I'm leaving for Malta on September 14th, and already coming back on December 7th.
I'll be living for 3 months in St. Julian with other students and following English classes at EC school.

Then I come back home, go skiing one week in France for the New Year, and leave for Japan.

My flight for Tokyo is planned for the 11th of January to have my first classes the next Tuesday.
I'll be living in a Japanese family and going to the Kudan school located near Akihabara.

Because of visa difficulties, I'll also get to spend some days in Seoul between March and April (☆。☆)
And for this, I'll need your advices. But we'll see later.

I come back to Belgium, once and for all, at the beginning of July. After my 21st birthday.

(as posted on my instagram)
I'm also working out more. I've been avoiding bikinis for a long time, which wasn't very difficult in Belgium. But I need to buy one to go to Malta and I want to feel comfortable in my body to fully enjoy shopping in Japan (-^□^-)

⇒ Also, Mutsumi from mutsuminism obtained an intership in Tokyo for the same period. I'm so glad to have a chance to meet her next year and to go around with a fellow European o(^▽^)o

Of course, I plan to keep on blogging there. I hope it won't become too difficult (^▽^;)

dimanche 23 juin 2013

The last days. #nostalgic

Holidays finally started
Well, not really. It officially starts on July 1st and we still have to get our diploma. But we don't have to go to school anymore, except for the parties.

Since I'm an economics student, I had to submit a business plan. Our teachers and external examiners acted like business angels to a fictional project which had a clear financial plan and so on.

François and my project-mate Gilles in the darkness of the room.

Over-stressed François was sitting next to me during the whole thing (  ̄っ ̄). But I respect his courage to do this alone.
When the teachers called our names, THREE whole classes of younger economics students entered the room 。(´д`lll) . It was swarming with people, some were standing.
But we did good and got our management licence (or business licence, I don't know how to English) ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

June 4th was the last day of school before the exams. Boring but comfy outfit with my usual Lee jacket, a Billabong long sleeves t-shirt, Zara jeans, H&M shoes, and Roxy bag with a Domo-kun strap.

Last present to our law teacher. #nostalgic

Goodbye Dutch, I'm sorry I didn't get better thrhoughout the years. (Dutch readers please don't look at this) #nostalgic

The last time François could steal the cucumber and carrots I packed for morning break. #nostalgic

Last time talking with Salèna while on the computer. #nostalgic

Okay #nostalgic pictures stop here.

We took a last picture together. #nostalgic. Ok I stop.

I like the colour of my eyes here. The light makes it clearer, while they're usually shitty brown.

I put the table outside and it was time to study for my first exam, maths.

After my oral exam and before Salèna's oral exam in history.
It was the first time I was wearing a dress to school and I had comments like "So you have legs?!" hum, yes (=◇=;)

With Géraldine after the economics oral exam. I recycled the dress.

Going crazyy (((゜д゜;)))

Thibaut you're too tall and not classy enough for this exam

Gilles saying I'm the only woman for him haha (*^o^*). Just because I give him notes!

And finally it ended with physics exam on Tuesday. I was so glad to put jeans and hoodies again (‐^▽^‐)

Insert different events I'm gonna blog about later

And I got the final results on Friday!

We saw our law teacher outside the school, he had prepared notebooks for every one of his students.
e.g. the freestyler Pino got « Sports don't make you live older, it make you live younger », François something about smiling, Croce about taking off (he wants to enter the Air Force)
And mine is a Japanese proverb « You only grow older when you stop learning ».

We all met in the dining hall, and the director gave his speech. He said this year nobody failed, and even if you have exams to retake in June, it wouldn't be a lot, that this year was a good year and so on.

It has been four years I've exams to retake in September, and I'm so bad in chemistry.

He said he'll tell the names of the students who succeeded and the others will go to the board outside to see which exams didn't went well.
He said the name of a girl starting with Dag, mine starts with Dal, but at this moment I was sure he wouldn't say it. And I was SO surprised when he said my name I started crying.


My mom even made an appearance to drink the school's wine. Say hi to my mom (*^o^*)/~
Sally told me once it's always about my dad here -which is true- but I love her as much ♥

Reactions ⇈

I am now a proud graduate ready to leave Belgium (=⌒▽⌒=)
I'll talk about this soon~

jeudi 20 juin 2013

The 1st day of June

I know I'm two weeks late to talk about the first day of June, but exams happened. Anyway, they ended and I'm sure I passed most of them. The final results are this Friday but I tried to ask my teachers beforehand or it'd have been too much stress at once (><;).

But back to June 1st. At about 8PM I got a text message from Géraldine asking if I wanted to join for a BBQ with the old team aka the ones we went skiing with last year.
We used to do this often, everyone bringing a bit of alcohol and meat and enjoying time together (^ε^)♪

And for the first time...

Bff Joyce was driving! And I have to say she's already a crazy driver after only one month (-。-;)
She came one hour late and even stole my GUESS sneakers because it suited her yellow top (-з-)

It was dark at about 11PM and particularly cold for a spring day.

Guillaume, Géraldine and me trying to make duckfaces haha. I was laughing too much.

And everyone ended up in the child play area at around 1AM. I hope we didn't prevent anyone from sleeping (^_^;)

Germain, Bruno and Poitoux (which isn't his real name)

Hair ruined by the strong humidity (TωT)

I hope we'll get to meet more often now we have almost 3 months off. We used to talk everyday at school before this year.
Especially because I leave Belgium. I need to dedicate a full blogpost to this soon (*^o^*)

jeudi 13 juin 2013

Backpacking in Bologna - Day 3

Okay this is the last day of our short trip in Bologna.
I'm in the middle of my exams but I'm feeling a urge to blog recently! Anyway I passed maths, French, Dutch and economics already. YAY!!

Enjoy (^o^)
(first day here and second here)

This is the mess of our room, after only one night spent there.

And I'm always the last one to be ready...

It was very different from the first hotel but I liked this one as well. It reminded me of the guest house back in Japan.

We had breakfast at the bakery next to the house. And my dad even ordered pastries (^o^). I'm usually not allowed to eat unhealthy food because we get fat easily (>_>).

For the last day we visited the University of Bologna. It was very interesting, though I should really improve my Italian. There was this class visiting and their teacher was playing the guide, but I had a hard time to understand...

For lunch we trusted the Use-It again, but the restaurant was still closed so we had a spritz nearby.
We were trying to take a picture raising the camera with the map, and a homeless person offered us his packet of cigarette (which you can see on the photo). Sadly the camera didn't focus on us but I still like the picture (^w^)

The restaurant was a really surprise.
While following the Use-It, we are never sure about the choice. We always think "but the description sounds weird" or "maybe this time won't be a good place", hesitating until the last minute.

It's a very small place. Only 4 or 5 people can eat inside. The owner, her mother and her grandmother are making fresh pasta in the kitchen behind the counter.
There are tables outside but not theirs. You can tell the owner you'll sit there or at a café nearby and she'll bring your pasta with plastic forks there.

I can still feel the awesome taste of the pumpkin filling. Maybe my favourite place to eat out of these 3 days! And my best takeaway food experience ever

Walking back to the center of Bologna, we also said goodbye to the Two Tours.

A last ice cream (not the best tho) and we headed back to the airport.

Goodbye Eataly! Until next time!