samedi 27 octobre 2012

Belgium, you're beautiful (Ghent ver.)

Taking advantage of the train discount, we (my dad and I, in case you didn't guess) went to Ghent this time ! (^-^)
All of our trips actually have a food ambition, but we weren't very hungry this time (´д`lll)
I also have to apologize for using the same filter all long... m(_ _ )m

I was quite happy to start the day with Starbucks to get another misspelled name but... they got it right (ノ゚ο゚)ノ Impressive ! And somehow disappointing.

The old Halles

The Gravensteen

Neptune at the top of the old fish market is targeting you.

This fish market now hold the Inquiry Desk Oude Vismijn, a tourism information office.

And here's along the old Graslei harbour

We then had our first froyo ever (*^▽^*). It was also one of the reason we didn't choose another city (the only other place for froyo in Belgium is in Brussels).
Nougat-blueberries and cuberdon cookies-strawberries. The paper she put on top is also eatable.

And lastly vegetarian burgers at Tatsy World. Here we had a ricebar and a souka burger instead of meat, quite good actually !

I decided to stop at the Starbucks of the station too, to have another chance to get a new misspelled name and... it ! キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━!!!

What are you planning to do during your vacations ? or already did ? (^o^)

jeudi 25 octobre 2012


I recently went to Antwerp for a small shopping session and good food with my forever travelling companion : my daaad (^∇^).
If you live in Belgium, if you buy your train ticket online, a one-way trip to anywhere in the country is only 5€ now.

The train journey was less than 2 hours long, it was about 1PM and we ate lunch in this cute restaurant (。・ω・)ノ゙.
Warning: if you ask Flemish if they can speak French and they answer "just a little bit"... don't trust them ! Really, I'd love to be able to speak this little bit Dutch.

Tomato-avocado-Parma and salmon-omelet (☆。☆) yumm

I was wondering if I should buy these snood and hat by Roxy. I didn't buy them in Antwerp but nearer my city, later ( ̄□ ̄;)

And a random striped shirt from Forever21

I don't have many pictures from the city itself, since I go there quite often (><;).
Later we shared gyoza, curry and moyashi soba at Wagamama

Hazelnut Frappuccino and Apple Crumble Latte from Starbucks ☆. I'm not that fond of Starbucks but I actually love getting my name misspelled... (^▽^;) don't judge me haha

vendredi 19 octobre 2012

September moments

School started again ! And I'm finally in my senior year  (≡^∇^≡) (and yes I'm 19, but please don't be too mean if you don't know Belgium's system (iДi)).

Long sleeve t-shirt: Billabong
Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: SuperDry
Watch: Storm
Ring: a shop from the Takeshita Dori
iPhone case & necklace are both presents

 That's what I wore the first day of school. I think I wear way too often (skinny) jeans (。>0<。).

On the 9th I worked for Honda, they were having a ride in bikes and I was serving food at one of the stops. They actually were pretty environmentalist and sorted out well !

Hoodie: Roxy
Jeans: Zara
Socks: WC
iPhone case is a birthday present

Seriously my eyes were so swollen that morning ! (_ _。)
We had a girl night out (except one of the girl -not in the picture- brought her boyfriend... not fun (-з-) plus the boy looked so bored).

I'll just admit my dad is the best ( ̄▽+ ̄*) sorrryy (and I love squid...). I actually wonder if there are Italians who can't cook ?

Sweatshirt (left picture): Bench.
Cardigan (right picture): Zara

Fellow Belgians, voting is compulsory ! Hope you all carried out your duty !

Went for aquaerobics that morning (as every Saturday morning). It started on a beautiful sunny day ☆

I was reading (aka but I don't think it was translated) by Maugenest out loud, since my dad is a Venetian and thought it could be nice to read it together. He was cooking/ironing/... while I read for him.
The right picture is a little best friend moment (^-^). I miss her at school!

I'm having mixed feelings for the upcoming H&M x Martin Margiela collaboration. I must be a little afraid, cause he's one of my favourite designers.