samedi 27 juillet 2013

Rhéto's BBQ

Rhéto, in Belgium, is the name given to the last year of high school, but also to its students.
As rhétos, we have a lot of activites going on within the framework of school, as a rhéto trip or events. We also share a ugly hoodie (but we're responsible of its design (-。-;)).

And between the results and the graduation, our school held the usual BBQ. We had to bring a side dish or dessert, but the school bought meat and drinks.

The poor Salèna had to wait for me and then walk to school in these heels.

Sitting with my fav boys while enjoying a cocktail

Kaylee, the Canadian exchange student, was surprised the school was offering alcohol (´∀`) lol

Preparing a surprise present for Kaylee. Here take a view of my butt (^з^)-☆

Talking with the teachers for the last time (iДi)

I will miss sitting next to Sarah for biology and physics, and receiving her random compliments 。゚(T^T)゚。

The instruction was "Put out your bitch face, peace sign, show the food ". I talked a lot about fashion with Olivier this day (^∇^)

Changing shoes to play after eating too much (  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)

Playing volleyball with the teachers

Or soccer

Or basketball

Or dancing

Or just doing nothing in the middle of this mess

Desseeeerts キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!!

PigMorgane couldn't help it, Numan brought loukoum (☆。☆)

Croce was like "left foot", "right foot" hahaha

At about 8PM, we helped to put everything back in place

The teachers offered the remaining drinks and we went down to the plaine

But, well, we forgot to take some glasses and had to drink directly from the bag-in-box

And that's how it started

Olivier probably enjoyed it the most (I think he has a thing for Gilles who, sadly, is straight)

Emptying the wine in the current. It was still clear at 11PM (・_・)

jeudi 25 juillet 2013

Sarah's birthday

The day before our exam's results, we celebrated Sarah's birthday. It was actually more than one month earlier but we were studying back then o(;△;)o
The party was surprisingly super calm. I assume we were all overly stressed over the results (・Θ・;)

The small girls group. We all look tired (and 2 of them used to be my friends but aren't anymore, guess my mood lol (-。-;))

Gilles and Croce were extra motivated as they rode their bike under a thunderstorm to come.
And then they changed clothes.

The birthday girl is my hair friend ♥ (which is impossible to straighten with this humidity)(note that I did it first)

Our Teddy Bear seems to love Despe

François alone in the rain

These boys are golden! ☆彡
I'm gonna miss these two so much next year (/TДT)/

Sarah's house was literally the last one before fields.

And the day ended with a bright sun