mardi 20 mars 2012


Last Sunday I went to SnowWorld in Maastricht, Holland (sorry, I posted with Netherlands --") with 3 friends.
It's the world's biggest indoor ski resort, but there're like... 5 ski slopes ?

Eating in the car first

Finally on the chairlift!

The funpark...

... and here's for mogul skiing

Then we were thirsty, and since we had like 5 hours left left, we visited the rest of SnowWorld (not easy with ski shoes...).

Keeping an eye on my ski

We had a skipass for 8 hours but it may be a bit too long thinking it's only for the slopes and you can still enjoy everything else

SnowWorld from outside, by night

Before going back home, my friends wanted to eat at KFC, since there isn't any in everything but there was chicken for only one of us left... And we chose Burger King instead.

One of my friend's burger

This Friday I'm leaving for 2 weeks in Japan and then 1 week in Italy. I'm not going to be able to post for at least one month, so bye everyone~

Music : Lucio Dalla - L'anno che verrà

Sarà tre volte Natale e festa tutto il giorno, 

Ogni Cristo scenderà dalla croce 

Anche gli uccelli faranno ritorno

mardi 13 mars 2012

Package from Aurore

Hello ! Hope you're all fine  ♥

Some time ago I got this from Aurore  ♥
Ah, and also got my HOT SNOW DVD ! Finally ! Yes, I'm still a Mis Snow Man lover~

Love the doodles!

☆ At the same time I was wondering : does anyone from a different country want to do a swap of packages ?  ♥ We can also decide what kind of things to put in and a price limit :)

I planned to only send this to Aurore and deleted the original, so I took it back from Twitter. Shitty picture quality and face but here's the nail polish !

While writing this I also have one of the masks on. The smell is strong and my face is prikling, hope it's not a bad thing... Also, this one doesn't dry, you have to wash it out.

Sorry for stupid faces and unsexy pajama.

Thanks dear, love youuu  ♥

Next Friday I'm going to Japaaaan >O<