samedi 29 juin 2013

Next year.

So many little things happened lately. I'm trying to blog about them one by one but time goes by so fast and I'm leaving my dear Belgium soon.
I've been talking about it for a while now and maybe you catched a glimpse into my last post or via twitter.

I am going to spend the upcoming year in Malta and Japan ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!!

There are shitty quality phone pictures my dad sent me ⇈

I'm leaving for Malta on September 14th, and already coming back on December 7th.
I'll be living for 3 months in St. Julian with other students and following English classes at EC school.

Then I come back home, go skiing one week in France for the New Year, and leave for Japan.

My flight for Tokyo is planned for the 11th of January to have my first classes the next Tuesday.
I'll be living in a Japanese family and going to the Kudan school located near Akihabara.

Because of visa difficulties, I'll also get to spend some days in Seoul between March and April (☆。☆)
And for this, I'll need your advices. But we'll see later.

I come back to Belgium, once and for all, at the beginning of July. After my 21st birthday.

(as posted on my instagram)
I'm also working out more. I've been avoiding bikinis for a long time, which wasn't very difficult in Belgium. But I need to buy one to go to Malta and I want to feel comfortable in my body to fully enjoy shopping in Japan (-^□^-)

⇒ Also, Mutsumi from mutsuminism obtained an intership in Tokyo for the same period. I'm so glad to have a chance to meet her next year and to go around with a fellow European o(^▽^)o

Of course, I plan to keep on blogging there. I hope it won't become too difficult (^▽^;)

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  1. Omg your upcoming year sounds so exciting (*____*) I totally want to see Malta someday ♥ (same goes for Belgium btw ;;)
    Also I plan to do a kind of "Work & Travel" as soon as I finished my Bachelor Thesis (so yeah, around Fall/Winter'14)
    What kind of difficulties did you have with your Visa? For being there for touristy reasons you get 3 months, right? So you're going to Seoul to come back and get another 3 months? Am I right?
    I didn't apply for my Visa yet...(because I don't have an accomodation etc yet) but I really hope I wont experience any difficulties ;; (my biggest worry is the "financial plan" they ask sorry I'm not rich)

    Aw thank you for mentioning me ♥ I'm super looking forward to meet you!!

    1. Come, come to Belgium~. I can be your guide (-^□^-).
      About the visa, you're absolutely right. I get the tourist visa of 3 months automatically, but the difficulty is to obtain a student visa; you have to freeze a guarantee of about 15,000€, for one whole year. I don't know about the visa you have to take, but I hope it won't be as complicated as mine to get (anyway I'm glad these difficulties transformed into a chance to visit Seoul! (^ω^)).

      And aww thank you ♥ same for me (*^o^*)

  2. You are one lucky girl with that wonderful
    father of yours I think! I want to live
    in Japan, only if its for 1 day :c
    And seeing Malta would be nice as well! Xx

    1. I never talk about her, but I'm thankful to my mom too (^w^)
      I'm sure you'll get to visit the countries you want to, one day!

  3. Chanceuseeeeee !!!!!!
    Profite bien de ton séjour & prend tout plein de photos à me montrer (Seoul <3 Japon <3)
    Si j'arrive à faire les pommes cette année j'irais ptete te rendre visite au Japon ou en Corée qui sait xD (enfin si j'suis pas en cours de bibliothécaire xD)

    1. Je serai super contente que tu viennes me voir évidemment, mais en même temps ce serait super pour toi que tu sois en cours ! :D
      Et évidemment je te tiendrai au courant de tout ce qu'il m'arrive


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