jeudi 20 juin 2013

The 1st day of June

I know I'm two weeks late to talk about the first day of June, but exams happened. Anyway, they ended and I'm sure I passed most of them. The final results are this Friday but I tried to ask my teachers beforehand or it'd have been too much stress at once (><;).

But back to June 1st. At about 8PM I got a text message from Géraldine asking if I wanted to join for a BBQ with the old team aka the ones we went skiing with last year.
We used to do this often, everyone bringing a bit of alcohol and meat and enjoying time together (^ε^)♪

And for the first time...

Bff Joyce was driving! And I have to say she's already a crazy driver after only one month (-。-;)
She came one hour late and even stole my GUESS sneakers because it suited her yellow top (-з-)

It was dark at about 11PM and particularly cold for a spring day.

Guillaume, Géraldine and me trying to make duckfaces haha. I was laughing too much.

And everyone ended up in the child play area at around 1AM. I hope we didn't prevent anyone from sleeping (^_^;)

Germain, Bruno and Poitoux (which isn't his real name)

Hair ruined by the strong humidity (TωT)

I hope we'll get to meet more often now we have almost 3 months off. We used to talk everyday at school before this year.
Especially because I leave Belgium. I need to dedicate a full blogpost to this soon (*^o^*)

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  1. seems like you had a lot of fun keke ^^
    you take some nice pictures :3

  2. Looks like you had fun ♥ I miss nights like that..~

    Good luck with the exam results tomorrow!! ♥


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