jeudi 13 juin 2013

Backpacking in Bologna - Day 3

Okay this is the last day of our short trip in Bologna.
I'm in the middle of my exams but I'm feeling a urge to blog recently! Anyway I passed maths, French, Dutch and economics already. YAY!!

Enjoy (^o^)
(first day here and second here)

This is the mess of our room, after only one night spent there.

And I'm always the last one to be ready...

It was very different from the first hotel but I liked this one as well. It reminded me of the guest house back in Japan.

We had breakfast at the bakery next to the house. And my dad even ordered pastries (^o^). I'm usually not allowed to eat unhealthy food because we get fat easily (>_>).

For the last day we visited the University of Bologna. It was very interesting, though I should really improve my Italian. There was this class visiting and their teacher was playing the guide, but I had a hard time to understand...

For lunch we trusted the Use-It again, but the restaurant was still closed so we had a spritz nearby.
We were trying to take a picture raising the camera with the map, and a homeless person offered us his packet of cigarette (which you can see on the photo). Sadly the camera didn't focus on us but I still like the picture (^w^)

The restaurant was a really surprise.
While following the Use-It, we are never sure about the choice. We always think "but the description sounds weird" or "maybe this time won't be a good place", hesitating until the last minute.

It's a very small place. Only 4 or 5 people can eat inside. The owner, her mother and her grandmother are making fresh pasta in the kitchen behind the counter.
There are tables outside but not theirs. You can tell the owner you'll sit there or at a café nearby and she'll bring your pasta with plastic forks there.

I can still feel the awesome taste of the pumpkin filling. Maybe my favourite place to eat out of these 3 days! And my best takeaway food experience ever

Walking back to the center of Bologna, we also said goodbye to the Two Tours.

A last ice cream (not the best tho) and we headed back to the airport.

Goodbye Eataly! Until next time!


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