samedi 6 octobre 2012

Japan Day 2 (Tokyo)

For previous days see Moscow / Day 1

The second day started without luggages again (/ω\). We decided to go out early to get at least some underwears and wash our clothes on the rooftop. Unless the shops in Tokyo only open at about 10AM. So we headed to the Senso-ji first.

In front of the Kaminarimon and the Hozomon, the entrance gates to the Sensô-ji. You can see I was quite embarrassed to play the tourist (〃∇〃). These places are actually quite impressive IRL.

Sadly, through my pictures you can't even imagine how big and impressive the Sensô-ji is. It's also so lively you feel the urge to be a part of it. With my dad we processed to the symbolic hand washing and mouth rinsing, then bought incense sticks and burnt them (though I did the same move to aim the smoke to my face as Japanese people did, I still don't know what it means... anyone ?). I also had some difficulties to put my sticks in, since it failed the first time and I had to get it back from the hot ashes (><;)

There are smaller temples around the Sensô-ji and as it was a matsuri period, there were many food stalls in between. Very colourful !ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

That's also when we discovered food tickets machines. We were looking at the nearby restaurants and were amazed by people choosing and paying for their food from outside. We discovered later it's actually pretty common in Japan (^~^). This way cooks don't have to touch your dirty money.
After eating we finally went to buy (too big) underwears and basics t-shirts at UNIQLO. We planned to come back to the guest house, have a shower while our clothes get washed...

Finallyyyyy ≧(´▽`)≦

Later this day we headed to Ueno. We ate dinner at a stall directly in the street (you also have my dad's bare pate in bonus). The man was super happy to see a foreigner and tried to speak in English when I ordered bubble tea "tapioca !" (^ε^)♪. I ordered a kind of buns, and understood I had to make a hole, put the sauce in, drink the sauce, then eat (^ε^).

I have no picture worth showing from the park or anything, since it was too damn dark. We headed back to Asakusa at about 10PM and I spent some time in the kitchen with my computer, saying to my mom how awesome Japan is ☆

Day 3 will be around the Tokyo Dome !

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  1. It looks like you had a lovely time, it took me forever to scroll through the pictures! I dearly wish to visit Japan. I find beauty and art in even the most mundane things, like the coffee from the vending machine.

    d a n i e l l e |

    1. Thank you for commenting ♥. I'm absolutely following your blog now !

  2. woow, nice pics! you're off to japan with your dad? i'm jealous of you. hope someday i could visit japan with may dad too. too bad you lost your luggage but i'm glad things still going out fun for both of you. more photos coming? thanks for following my blog. i'm following you back :D

    1. Awww thank you ! :D
      I'm back actually, and we got our luggages back after 2 days so it was ok ^^. Of course more photos are coming~ really soon (^ε^)♪

  3. Aaaah que de nostalgie ! (T____T)

    Pour la fumée d'encens à Sensô-ji, elle est censé être "purificatrice" et te débarrasser de tes maux.
    Si tu as des problèmes "psychologiques" (au sens large hein, si tu as des soucis quoi...), tu orientes la fumée vers ta tête mais ça marche aussi avec les autre partie du corps: si tu as des problèmes d'estomac, tu orientes la fumée vers ton ventre,etc...


    1. Aaah je me doutais que c'était un truc de ce style mais merci d'avoir précisé. J'ai encore fait n'importe quoi, en gros (même si je crois que j'ai assez bien visé).
      Merciii ♥

  4. The smoke is supposed to be for good health. My host family said that the smoke is believed to have some sort of healing power so you fan it at yourself so you get better health or maybe if you're sick then you will get better ;-)

    Aaaaw I get this nostalgic feel when I see your pictures.. Oh Japan, I miss you~


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