jeudi 25 octobre 2012


I recently went to Antwerp for a small shopping session and good food with my forever travelling companion : my daaad (^∇^).
If you live in Belgium, if you buy your train ticket online, a one-way trip to anywhere in the country is only 5€ now.

The train journey was less than 2 hours long, it was about 1PM and we ate lunch in this cute restaurant (。・ω・)ノ゙.
Warning: if you ask Flemish if they can speak French and they answer "just a little bit"... don't trust them ! Really, I'd love to be able to speak this little bit Dutch.

Tomato-avocado-Parma and salmon-omelet (☆。☆) yumm

I was wondering if I should buy these snood and hat by Roxy. I didn't buy them in Antwerp but nearer my city, later ( ̄□ ̄;)

And a random striped shirt from Forever21

I don't have many pictures from the city itself, since I go there quite often (><;).
Later we shared gyoza, curry and moyashi soba at Wagamama

Hazelnut Frappuccino and Apple Crumble Latte from Starbucks ☆. I'm not that fond of Starbucks but I actually love getting my name misspelled... (^▽^;) don't judge me haha

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  1. Holy shit that food looks so delicious...!!!!! ♥
    And only 5€ for the whole country? Lucky you! German Railway is super expensive..

    1. Yeaah but Belgium is super small ! Only about 3 hours to go from South to North...

  2. NOM NOM NOM!! I am suddenly craving the exact food you just had with the salmon, eggs, avocado! <3
    You and your father must be very close since you travel so much with him! So nice =)

    - Sally

    1. I'm lucky we're so close :) (some people already asked if we were a couple... awkwaard)


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