samedi 27 octobre 2012

Belgium, you're beautiful (Ghent ver.)

Taking advantage of the train discount, we (my dad and I, in case you didn't guess) went to Ghent this time ! (^-^)
All of our trips actually have a food ambition, but we weren't very hungry this time (´д`lll)
I also have to apologize for using the same filter all long... m(_ _ )m

I was quite happy to start the day with Starbucks to get another misspelled name but... they got it right (ノ゚ο゚)ノ Impressive ! And somehow disappointing.

The old Halles

The Gravensteen

Neptune at the top of the old fish market is targeting you.

This fish market now hold the Inquiry Desk Oude Vismijn, a tourism information office.

And here's along the old Graslei harbour

We then had our first froyo ever (*^▽^*). It was also one of the reason we didn't choose another city (the only other place for froyo in Belgium is in Brussels).
Nougat-blueberries and cuberdon cookies-strawberries. The paper she put on top is also eatable.

And lastly vegetarian burgers at Tatsy World. Here we had a ricebar and a souka burger instead of meat, quite good actually !

I decided to stop at the Starbucks of the station too, to have another chance to get a new misspelled name and... it ! キタ━━(゚∀゚)━━!!!

What are you planning to do during your vacations ? or already did ? (^o^)

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  1. Already had my vacation, but used most of going back to my home-city and studying ;_____;

    Love the pictures! You guys really know how to enjoy life with all that traveling (^o^)/

    btw. do all Starbucks' shops do this name thing O-O ?

    - Sally

    1. They all have to do it when you take your drink out. I read Starbucks wants to look more "personal" and friendly with this name thing. I don't know why I love misspelled names so much haha !
      And thank your for commenting :)

    2. I loooove the photos!!! ♥

      The Misty Mom

  2. I'm not sure if you can
    read Dutch so I'm gonna
    comment it in English
    just in case c:

    I love Gent! The place
    is really peaceful and
    I love the historical
    architecture c:

    Lol my name is ALWAYS
    spelled wrong with
    Starbucks. I decide
    to make fake funny names.
    Like Beyonce or kiwi.
    So funny c:


    1. I can read Dutch but can't really reply in Dutch haha ! As I said in the post, I'd love to be able to speak as "little" Dutch as the Flemmishes speak a little French. They're awesome ! And it's a shame I'm learning Dutch for 7 years but can't speak correctly... (but we're learning things like "hij zag de voetganger niet en dodde hem" or "na een langdurig proces werd ze vrijgesproken" so it's not the most usefull...)

      Isn't Gent a bit like Holland/Nederland ? But about Starbucks name, I actually LOVE these misspellings !


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