jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Thibaut's birthday

Only two days after getting back to school, Thibaut had a birthday party at his house. A simple BBQ but I was happy to see my bff again before a long time (since she reached university and I didn't ( ̄_ ̄ i)).

Boys in charge of the BBQ

...while I'm waiting like a princess

I'm often talking about how we play when we drink. This I'll explain one of our games, so you can imagine better (・∀・).
This one is (literally translated) the pigeon. You need 2 dices and a ridiculous looking hat.
One after one, everyone throw the dices. The first one to get a total of three becomes the pigeon. He has to wear the hat and can't speak. (if someone else get three, he'll become the new pigeon).
Everytime there's a three (not in total oc) coming out, the pigeon has to drink.
If you get a total of six, you can tell someone to drink.
A total of seven, the person before has to drink.
A total of eight, the person after has to drink
A total of nine or ten, they're moves to do, the last one has to drink.
A total of eleven, you finish your drink in one shot.
And many others rules !

And here's our first pigeon (note: it's not orange juice)

Then le bff arrived (^∇^)

Joyce playing with my camera effects

Her favourite one haha (*^o^*)

And then I became a pigeon

That's private (`Δ´)

Joyce biting my cheeks, as always

I cut an apple out of the tree and Joyce cooked it

Are you back to school already ? How was your first day ? 

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