mercredi 12 septembre 2012


I know it's a very belated post, but since I'm back to school, there's not much happening...
SO ! I'm going to talk about my 2 weeks in Japan in March~April of this year. I hope you won't get bored (>_<)
(I was sadly still using my old camera... (/TДT)/)

But before landing in Tokyo, we had a stopover in Moscow. I was actually pretty excited to visit Moscow. We were there from 6AM to 9PM, it was a real chance !

Hope you remember my dad. I spent these 2 weeks with him (^-^)

Probably the worst thing I ever ate in an airplane

рубль !

First stop in a Starbucks in the airport, waiting for our train

Mmh... soft focus ?

SNCB, please look

Sexy airplane hair ( ̄∇ ̄+)

The picture is a bit blurry but the subway looked quite cool

Escalator to the moon ! WTF ( °д°)

First we went to the Red Square. The train ride was a bit long, therefore we decided to play the tourists and just go to the popular must-see.

Try to spot my dad


The Red Square with a view of the Lenin's Mausoleum and the Saint Basil's Cathedral

The Kazan Cathedral

The State Historica Museum

The Saint Basil's Cathedral

Then, since we're Belgian-Italians no used to this freezing cold, we went to ГУМ (pronounced goom), a quite impressive department store.

We stopped to get something hot to drink ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

We headed to Alexander Garden but decided to alongside instead.

And it was already 3PM and we were two hungry people (food takes a big part of our travels). We went to My My (if I remember right). It may not have been the best place to try Russian cooking but we liked the cow in front of the shop (^ω^)

It was all marinaded food and after a few bites I was close to throw up. I don't know if my stomach is too weak or if the food isn't easily suitable. My dad actually managed to finish more than half of it, but wasn't feeling well.

Maybe you already know Le Pain Quotidien. It's a Belgian production so we were somehow proud

Большой Театр, the Bolchoï !

Two pastries we bought in a little market

It was already time to take the aeroexpress and get back to the airport 。゚(T^T)゚。. Having slept maybe 3 hours in two days, it was a pretty long day but we didn't even feel the jet lag (^-^)

Back in the Starbucks (・∀・)

This man has no manners

Happy to leave Russia
Dad playing while I was watching a movie

Tell me more, tell me more !

Watching Big Fish with my breakfast, crêpes~

Filling some papers before getting out of the plane

Except the fact it was very cold, I liked the city itself. But (I'm not generalizing the Russian here), I only met really unpleasant people, starting at the airport. They were as cold as their city and didn't even want to talk English or anything else than Russian. I was almost afraid to move as they were getting angry at little thing.
I don't claim to now every Russian, I'm just talking about those we met. But it was so stressful I would actually hesitate to go back.

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  1. It looks beautiful, but if the people were unpleasant, then maybe only visiting once in a while for short periods of time would be best ^_^ Ah, I love Grease so much! A fantastic movie~

    1. Yeah, that's it. Glad I don't sound too judgmental !
      (Thank you for commenting :))

  2. wuaaaah! looking at your pictures of Moscow was so flashy!!! I've been there in April and took pictures of the same things XD I stayed there for 4 days and I wanted to go back on the second... normally I'm not like this but I had some serious problems with adapting to the food & co. Anyway, Moscow is impressing and I'm glad to have stumbled over your blog! :) Do you live in Italy? I'm half Italian and clicked on your name when I saw your comment on Ice Pandora's blog about the Zucchini flowers ;)

    1. Aww thank you for commenting. This really made my day ! ♥
      I actually live in Belgium, and I'm half Italian like you :) (my dad is Italian, that's why the passeport on top (of the last picture) is a "Repubblica Italiana Passaporto" ^^^)

  3. aaah that's so cool :) Belgium is not too far from Switzerland!

  4. Ooooh Grease <3
    Ca a l'air beauuuu la russie :D

  5. thanks for your comment *-* wow moscow looks great *V* But I think it's a bit dangerous there, isn't it?^^

    1. It's at least a bit... frightening... haha ! I was not at ease walking in the streets~
      Thanks for your comment ^^^

  6. It looks like such a beautiful place, but wow...the Russians are really not used to tourists are they?! I wanted to go to Russia one day, but...I'm rethinking it now XP

    And you're right - that airplane food looks really sad (although, sadly, the worst airplane food I've ever had was when I was flying to Japan last year...) :(

    1. You should go~. Maybe I was just -very- unlucky and you won't meet any unpleasant person (though I'm not sure haha (^▽^;)). But Moscow was a beautiful place, and now you're prepared v(^-^)v
      Thank you for commenting ♥

  7. Great photos! Moscow can be a great destination but never go out at night...or so I am told. :)

    I like your scarf.

    Visit Taiwan one day if you haven't already. Taiwanese are generally friendly to foreigners and you'll have a blast.

    1. Seeing Moscow by day, I would never go by night ! I'd like to visit Taiwan, your blog makes me want even more *3*
      Thank you for your comment ♥


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