dimanche 9 septembre 2012

Another Thursday

During summer I wasn't only working in the bakery, but I also had to cook a lunch at a foot training course for children.
It was by the time of Olympics so I could watch and cook \o/ (yes, this post is belated ><)

Creepy picture...

And someday another friend called to have a little party !

Belgians forever playing. The quickest way to get drunk !

with Joyce and François, Joyce wearing his cap

Bilboquet ! I think it's French style Kendama

It looks like it was just Joyce, François and me... It wasn't.

Joyce and Germain throwing apples at the boys peeing

Drunk Joyce putting nailpolish at the dog's "nail"

Putting back the mattress in Thibaut's bedroom the next morning

You may have seen I changed my layout. I'm not really satisfied, especially with the header but well... here it is.

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