lundi 29 août 2011

K-pop style earrings and Roxy gets ⤴

Some times ago, Mayu did an order on KPopTown and asked me if I'd want something. I looked at the jewelry I liked, then artist who was wearing this piece, and finally asked for two pairs of earrings and one pair of socks (-^□^-)
She ordered it for me and I gave her the money~.

I love the feeling when getting something in the mail ♥

The first one was said to be like one of G-Dragon's, but I also spotted it on L.Joe's ear during almost the whole promotion of Teen Top's last album (*⌒∇⌒*).
You can clearly see mine is bigger than their's.

And it's like one of Teukie's, but I still don't know where to put it -there are 4 places here or one on the other ear- (^_^;). I haven't found a better picture but I still like this one a lot .

My godmother recently gave me A LOT of money. She knows I'm not the kind of person who buy useless stuff and I always think carefully before buying.
And since my mom planned to buy me the hoodie + t-shirt I want from the fall/winter collection of Roxy (she always pays for all my -expensive- clothes), I decided to get them myself. I even added a jacket and paid for the hoodie she wanted (^ε^).
Now I'm going back to keeping my money where it's, but I'm glad my mom didn't pay, for once ♥

The jacket has no hood which is good since I always buy clothes with hood ! And here you can see my favourite point of it.

Now I have to study for my maths exam. I failed this one back in June, if I fail again I have to start back the same school year... 。(´д`lll)

Music : Ben Harper - Amen Omen
But I die a little, in every breath that I take

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  1. Ils sont géniaux tes hauts ^^
    Courage pour les maths :hug

  2. G-Dragon earings and socks <3 i especially love the socks. Korean socks are always so cute :D
    and i also got myself some Leeteuk earings a while ago ^^ Im really loving cheap korean jewlery..

  3. L.Joe, why so gorgeous... j'ai envie de dire ;A;

    j'aime trop tes fringues~ et les boucles d'oreilles~

  4. i like ur collection of hoodies and ur god mother sounds very nice ^^ i lvoe the socks too :3

  5. nice buys! i have a nickhun socks, haha :P i like the pierce you got, even though it is bigger than theirs, it still looks good :) and good luck during your math exam! you'll be fine, study hard (: !!

  6. It always feels like Christmas when I get something in the mail. I get really excited to rip into it.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. nice buys! :) i love the earings and the socks! I want G-dragon socks toooo~! D: and the new jacket looks super comfy and nice ^^

  8. /reply/ i think skiiing would be a great holiday but i cant ski XD and i would eat too much so i wouldn't be able to exercise XD

  9. I've promised myself not to buy things.. this shop 'kpoptown' not helping haha :P
    Love the cute earrings!
    And yeah I love getting things from mail as well!



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