mardi 2 avril 2013


I went for an early run this morning with Géraldine. A cold sun was shining after a long time and shared its power with us! Very different from last week...

Yes. This was just last week! No need to introduce my skinny dad, I guess? And yes they're doing the same pose haha

There was this small park and we couldn't resist playing like children on our way back home.
I was thinking that maybe I'll miss all the meadows and fields when spending these 6 months in Japan?

New get ⇈

Expanding my sneakers collection, I recently added this GUESS pair (they look big in the picture, but they're actually an European size 38 -37 was too small but 38 is a bit too big). They were also available in pink, blue, or green. I think this tone of yellow looks lovely, and would match any shade of the same colour. Plus the blue wasn't beautiful, I don't have enough green clothes and... I'm thinking about buying a pair of Diesel sneakers in pink already! :D

Talking about sneakers, did your eyes catch the latest Converse campaign? "Shoes are boring, wear sneakers"
I really like the poster advertising as well as the sentence itself and I'd like to make something out of it, but don't know what!

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  1. Quand je rentre je vais m'y remettre (avec ma soeur) à la course xD

  2. Thank you very much for following! :3
    btw, I love your sneakers! *o* and I love your blog name, hehe♥

    1. You're welcome ^-^ and thank you for coming and leaving a comment~

  3. Boo snow, go away! :P
    The sneakers are so great!
    I love the color especially!
    They sometimes come in size
    37,5 EU.. or atleast with
    the Converse and VANS!


    1. Thank you! Yeah, half sizes are the best ;_; (though sometimes 38 already fits perfectly)


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