mardi 30 avril 2013

April's fashion

At the beginning of the month, I had a lot more time to post, but now I'm back to school and things are getting very serious there (ToT) Our end-of-the-year exams are getting closer and closer, and we've a ton of sh*t to do.

Anyway! I'm flying to Bologna next week for 3 days. Had anyone been there before? What are the things to do? (^o^)

Remember my last two pairs of sneakers? Well, I've been trying to coord them to go to school.
I probably need more clothes, 'cause I only got to wear yellow one or two times. But I don't want to buy too much at the same time because I'm constantly throwing some away 'cause I keep losing weight.

My dad says I'm lucky because I can look a bit skinnier while being fat 'cause my legs are long. I guess it's a compliment.

Stripped kid from Lee.

Sweater JBC, short cut jacket Lee and bag Roxy

Same, with Bench. hoodie and Esprit snood.

Both are Roxy hoodies.
I need to find something else to do with my right hand, seriously.

Took the picture on my way to the station. You can't see but I was only wearing a plain white t-shirt under my jacket, because it was about 23°C (and, yes, I'm quite sensitive to the cold and kept my jacket all day)

Snapped shoots of the town where I go to school, on my way to the station. We had to meet there and take a train to university.

We spent the day at uni with economics students. Not sure about what happened because Numan is quite broad-shouldered

So I took a billion selca with Salèna at the back.

And François ate all my cuncumber.
Never brings anything to eat at school, even vegetables.

We had to play a game of business by teams (childish design but very serious thing). And I think all the others teams shouted at one time "Momo!! If it's you, I'm hiring you" or "Momo, you can build these snowboards, right?"

Our team won hehe. A big bag of university sponsored things such as ball-points and booknotes (--")

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  1. Girl, you are looking fit! I wish I had the same problems as you - Losing weight would be a dream for me. You're just running more now or? cutting food out? I want to lose weight too ;_;

    and really random comment, but broad-shouldered Numan ain't bad :-) lol

    Have fun in Bologna! ^o^

    1. Aw thank you ♥!! I just eat the cleanest possible, never had to cut anything (yet). And I probably run more now, but I've always used to do a lot of sports.
      Maybe I'll do a post about it, there're many things to say :).

      (and the front look as good as the back hehe (^o^))

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