vendredi 29 mars 2013

Bruno's birthday

Last month, my best friend Joyce started planning a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend. She invited all of his friends and asked me to help her earlier this day. A lot of things didn't go as planned, but I guess Bruno never doubt what Joyce told him, and he was veery surprised to see us!

These are the beers we took to the place, plus coke (some like to drink 1/3 coke 2/3 beer). The red ones are cherry beers, Kriek. Sadly it wasn't enough...

When celebrating a birthday in Belgium, everyone try to drink down faster than the birthday person. Look at the tactic to place hands! haha

The person who always makes me smile. Thanks ♥.

Beer falls.

Down in one with my childhood friend. I'm getting better!

Joyce tought it was better to hide the mayonnaise.

By this time we were thinking it was dirty... some hours later we didn't even remember what colour the floor actually was.

Girls with the birthday boy. Happy 21st birthday, Bruno!

You are clearly not cute...

This childhood friend filled it up for me... seriously, you can't trust anyone (btw I have a way dirtier version of this picture)

We finally left at 6 AM and I had like 7 drunk people at the back of my car. Funny tho!

I spared you the dirtier or half-naked (or anything else) pictures.
So now, who is ready to party Belgian style?

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  1. LOOKS LIKE AN AWESOME PARTY XD and this is the first time I have seen a Beer fall, looks absolutely insane! :O

    1. I tried it with only two beers, and it already was! haha thank you :)

    2. Belgians party hard! :p damn.. you guys really know how to drink XD


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