vendredi 10 mai 2013

Joyce's birthday party

On May Day, my BFF Joyce turned 20! (^O^)
She wanted to celebrate, even though it was a bit complicated since she's in the middle of moving. I also got to meet her new friends from uni for the first time -☆

Her boyfriend Bruno taking care of the BBQ. It was my first one this year!

Cute couple taking care of the meet (^3^)

Laurie lighting up the meat with my iPhone, because it was too dark already. That's why we finally ate inside.

Joyce had no candles and we failed miserably to have the 3 magic sticks sparkling at the same time.

And then it started. Look at the birthday girl on the left.

Hello Tequila, it had been a while.

Dunno how it happened, but suddenly all the focus was on Joyce & I having Curaçao shots. Her uni friends took a billion pictures of just the two of us.

Finally some of them decided to join

And some more.

BFF dropping cuberdon péquet on my jeans, that's actually what happened.

Don't look at me like this.

If you are close to us, you'll probably hear me say non-stop "why the hell are we friends, already?! "

I like this horrible picture.

That's the moment Bruno decided to attack the lemon...

... and broke the knife. In the picture he still hasn't realized the handle broke and is flying somewhere.

Love ya!

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