samedi 26 janvier 2013

Japan Day 6

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I'm sorry but it's a Japan post again. This time my dad and I went to Akihabara before leaving Tokyo for Kyoto.
I wonder if you can see how much I changed since then.

Random shot of a garbage truck. I was impressed at how clean it is compared to Belgium. They get out of the car, put gloves on, open the truck to put the garbages in, close it and get back in the car.
I wonder if only Belgium is dirty.

Breakfast time.

You didn't see them all but I think my dad took a picture of every police officer he saw.

Asakusa's metro station and Asahi beer's poo, I'm gonna miss you.

We stopped at Ueno first to get our Japan Rail Pass.

And this is Akihabara.

Trying to act cool. You just look bored.

Probably my worst meal in Japan. Though worst still tastes good.
I found the otaku in myself that day and couldn't stop buying, so we were too hungry and stopped at a random restaurant chain.

Mirai Nikki's elevator.

Here are some of the stamps I got crazy about.
I discovered stamps on the first day in the metro and found out they are everywhere afterwards. Subway, castles, sightseeing, museums.

We checked out before leaving for Kyoto and took pictures in front of the Khaosan Tokyo Samuraï. Goodbye, it was nice staying there.

That's when I became a Japanese. I can text while doing anything!

Bye Asakusa. Bye bridge. Bye every-morning-path.

We bought a bento in the shinkansen, but I wonder if any Japanese buy them in.
If you buy them out, the box is about twice the size and half the prize (though ¥1000 is not that expensive when you come from Europe)

Kyoto station. Sad I don't have better pictures.

We took a crowded bus, got off with difficulty and started to look for the house.
A man who was taking his dog for a walk said hello. He came back 2 minutes later without is dog and offered to help us. He didn't know where the house was, but phoned the owner and brought us there.
Japanese kindness once again 。゚(T^T)゚。.

It was already late so that's all for that day.
Next day we'll explore Kyoto and I'll probably go back to the pictures-heavy posts

8 commentaires:

  1. I love your journey in
    Japan! Japan is just a
    amazing country! It's
    nice that you and dad
    are having a great
    time over there c;


  2. Japan looks SO nice! I wish you the best on your journey!

    1. It IS nice! Don't hesitate to go if you ever have this chance :)

  3. Haha, those trashmen crack me up. Even the garbage staff in japan is somehow cuter than America! So many photos; it takes so long to scroll through >.<

    d a n i e l l e |

    1. The most important is... it doesn't smell like in Belgium!
      Sorry for the amount of pictures >O< It's hard to choose which ones to post.

  4. No need to be sorry about your Japan posts! I love them ;-)
    Odd question, but did you guys see the enormous amount of maid cafes and sex shops in Akihabara :O ?

    1. Aah thank you!
      We didn't :O Maybe we didn't spend enough time in Akihabara, or just didn't pay attention


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