samedi 19 janvier 2013

Antwerp and Coca-Cola

After only one day at school, the lazy economics students (or at least it's our reputation at school) went to Antwerp.
The purpose was to go to the Coca-Cola factory but the teachers also asked for guides for a tour of the city. Antwerp being my favourite city of Belgium, I was happy to be lectured in French by an autochthon.

I got to spend time with Géraldine who isn't in the same class anymore but she fell asleep in the bus...

Can you see I bleached the tip of my hair? But the bleaching didn't set so it's only slightly lighter. It looks good with my tanning mark ah!

Géraldine wanted to take photos in the station (yes, this is inside, first floor actually). She also played with my photo apps.

I made her run everywhere because I'm an inexhaustible bitch ☆. Kids these days lack condition!

After lunch we had to wait the teachers on the Grote Markt. Here is the statue of Brabo throwing the giant's hand (this is related to the origin of the name btw) in front of the Town hall

Camwhoring again. This is the maximum size of my tongue btw, everyone is making fun of it.

Back in the bus to the Coca-Cola factory.

In the hall there was this big vending machine. If you were tall enough you could get two cans for 0,50€

We had fun camwhoring in front of the mirrors and then the teachers divided us by school year, since we study different things.
A sales manager explained us the packaging promotion system using these mirrors. Flemish speaks French so well I'm ashamed (>O<)

We changed rooms for a short movie and to another one for a quiz.

With François (^3^)

I was 4th ☆

To the factory itselfs. Ugh.

Here's a forbidden picture just for you. You're welcome.
We had a boring tour with boring explanations (sorry for this devoted student part)

At the end we could get free drinks from 5 of these vending machines. Good because I was having a hypo since half of the tour (I'm hypoglycaemic).

We should do advertising, don't you think?

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