mardi 28 août 2012

Brussels Summer Festival

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have personnal things to deal with... y'know, people leaving and so on...

Anyway ! Some times ago I went to Brussels Summer Festival with my dad. This year ; Iggy Pop & the stooges, The Stranglers, Stephan Eicher, Charlie Winston, and some more probably unknown to you.

At the moment, Brussels is decorated with some typical foods of Belgium such as brussels sprout, chips, beers and mussels.

The "dead ride"

I often come to Brussels, but rarely here. Isn't the capital of the European Union beautiful ?

Say hello to my dad ♥

As a fan of caipirinha, I tried the strawberry one...

... twice

Guess when will Manneken-Pis be gone

Music : Lucio Battisti - Emozioni
Capire tu non puoi
Tu chiamale se vuoi emozioni

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  1. Waaah yavait plein de statues sympas cette fois =D

    Et de la bouuuffe !

    J'avais vu Charlie pour mes 18 ans. C'était bon B-)

    1. Il me semblait bien que c'était pas sa première venue ! La fois où on était allé manger à Mamma Roma et tout 8D

    2. Bah ouii, ohw Mamma Roma *w*!!
      Et pour ton com, je sais pas c'est pas un qui était sur un de mes vieux post que j'ai delete?
      Et faudrait que tu m'expliques pour ton bouton "réponses" dans les commentaires u_u * I'm a noobieee

    3. Tu reçois bien une notif que j'ai répondu ? \o/
      Faut aller dans paramètre > publications & commentaires et puis afficher les liens backlink (il me semble...)
      Et j'ai encore le papier que tu m'avais écris ce jour-là !

  2. Ooh! Iggy Pop!

    Omg I frikkin love mussels. Guess Belgium is where I need to be!

    Ohhh~ The ride looks so fun!! I also love the Cathedral(?) behind it! What a gorgeous place! ~_~

    You and your dad are adorable XD The food looks super good too. I'm suddenly so hungry OTL What's caipirinha?

    Ha ha ha my blanket has more than a few pink stains!

    Ooh was the last picture not full enough? XD

    Ah I've actually been back for a few days now but thank you!

    1. Yes you should come~ Belgium is quite famous for its molen (and you usually get 1,5kg with "French" fries -that's Belgian he- *O*)
      And the "cathedral" is actually the Brussels Town Hall (yes we're a bit extravagant :/)
      And caipirinha is a Bresilian cocktail~, a better version of mojito to me

  3. Uwah I love those food decorations!! So creative ♥
    I really want to see Brussel someday....and sorry to say this, but: I wish my dad was that attractive!!

    Oh and thanks for following my blog ♥

    1. Just tell me if you come to Brussels, I can be a guide haha !
      And thanks for my dad (Is that Italian's appeal haha ?)

      Thanks for following back ♥


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