samedi 14 juillet 2012

Maëlle's birthday

In the beginning of June, a friend's sister texted me. She wanted to organize a surprise birthday party for her sis, and asked me to invite her close friends.
I had fun looking for the trains, where to change, etc

My friends trying my new camera

I met one of my friends at the first station and two others at the second

Here was the plan : her father bought her a car but told her to come for something else. And we... were hiding in the car

Waiting in like... 30° without oxygen

It was a real success ! She even shed some tears ^3^

Because of my non-existant boobs, I decided not to wear bra. But I was quite awkward...

Birthday girl to the pool !

And everyone to the pool !

Make up, how can you make me so sexy ?!

Someone borrowed me another dress... I'm never wearing any T _ T

with the birthday girl~

Her awesome cake made by her aunt. Violet ice cream and short cake. Everything was eatable !

Next to the pool the whole night

Music : Orelsan - La terre est ronde
Tu peux courir à l'infini à la poursuite du bonheur, la Terre est ronde autant l'attendre ici

2 commentaires:

  1. you have boobs! you also have cleavage!

    and what a wonderful surprise! happy birthday to your friend!

  2. I agree with Jin^
    And what a sweet
    surprise!! I
    love the car
    hiding idea c:
    And the Spongebob
    cake is too cute
    to be eaten!!



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