samedi 8 décembre 2012

Our teddy bear's birthday

Last weekend we celebrated a friend we call Nounours (means Teddy bear)'s birthday. I didn't end this drunk in a long time and I was super happy to see my best friend! She graduated before me and I don't get the chance to see her everyday anymore.

I got a ride from François who only live some street away when every other people are living more far away~ Thanks as always!

Géraldine was leaving early and wanted to take pictures so we went to the bathroom... but what with this face?!

We met Quentin who finished peeing and wanted a cool picture.

Nounours asked us to help him with the expenses of the party instead of buying presents. He was drawing a V when you had given 5€ but I asked for a special ☆.
And a couple ring Joyce gave me haha.

With Laurie and Joyce. Seriously my tongue can't get out more than this, everyone's making fun of it (>_<)

Tequila time! It started!

With François!

Gilles and Laurie

Joyce and her boyfriend Bruno

And this is Thibaut

The birthday boy. See the teddy bear?


Evolution of a group picture hahaha.

Two happy couples

DrunkMe hugs everyone. Just so you know.

Look at the amount of salt Thibaut put on my hand!

Seriously haha.

People's eye usually gets smaller and smaller throughout the night. Mine are just getting bigger.. weirdo

Still wonder where Joyce found this pizza...

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