samedi 7 septembre 2013

YesStyle haul

Hello everyone

I've finally received my latest order. I placed it by the end of July but it couldn't be sent because 2 items were not in stock. They actually ended up cancelling these two and then they sent the parcel.

Being my usual stupid-self before proceding to the surgery (aka opening).

I first gave to my mom the playsuit I bought for her and she tried it on with her socks... how sexy (  ̄っ ̄)

Cross bracelet. I fell in love with this one.

Strap sandals (・∀・). These will probably be useful for my upcoming new life in Malta!

This is also the reason why I bought... 2 dresses! I hate hate hate my legs (oh, and about everything else about myself), but I'm probably going to die from the heat if I stay in my jeans there... 。(´д`lll)

But this is soooo shoort! (iДi)
I think I'll train my heat resistance instead... (_ _。)

I like this one a lot! Though it still is very short, it can looks casual but also dressed (but it's also very figure-hugging so I'm not sure I can eat without tearing it (/ω\))

I also got this bag and 28 collagen face masks but couldn't take a proprer pictures of them.

Are you already back to school? Or enjoying your last free days? (‐^▽^‐)

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  1. Thanks for your comment. <3 Austria really is worth a visit. ^^

    I love the dresses you got, especially the last one. *_* Want!
    And it's super cute that you bought something for your Mum, too. My Mum also tries on some of my ordered items and then I have to buy a second one because she loves it too much, haha. xD
    I have the same problem with sizes when I order from Asian shops, though. Dresses and skirts tend to be too damn short for me from time to time. D: And I think you have a great figure, no need for hating. ;)

    1. Sometimes it's useful to have a mom who is about the same size but sometimes... you suddenly can't find the item you were going to were today ToT

      Thank you for your sweet comment ♥

  2. Love your haul! I really like the cross bracelet + the second dress. I think the dress suited you pretty well ^___^ <3

  3. I love the dresses and the playsuit you ordered! I ordered from them a while back too hehe :D
    I think your legs are pretty tho! nothing to be ashamed of ^__^ ♡


  4. Thank you for your comment and kind words my dear! x3 ♡
    Your haul is great and the dresses suits you very well *_* It´s very cute! But its a pity that your first dress is short ;_; We asians aren´t that tall...maybe that´s why.. x´D

    Lots of love
    InspiringThing <3

  5. Yesstyle is awesome, I shop there often! Cool stuff you got there. ^^


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