dimanche 29 janvier 2012

with Aurore !

Hello ! It has been a long time again ! sorry > O <
But this time I really want to keep my blog active again ! I'd like to be good enough or to have friend to make me a beautiful layout as well
Last week I went to Namur to meet Aurore (please post MORE !) ♥. First we went to a Japanese restaurant !

Left is Aurore's food and right is mine

And I had to pee after going out of the restaurant, yeah that's the usual me !

Rain ruined my hair >O<. Seems like Aurore is having fun with my phone

Then we went to have a smoothie. I was feeling so full I though it could help ! I had a

Look at her hair TT _ TT I'm so jealous ! And her eyees !

Wait ! That's random but I just heard French TV is gonna talk about k-pop at 6PM. Haha gonna watch and bitter laugh at wrong things they'll probably say !

Station. We're like homeless persons sitting on the floor... hair nooo

The same day I went to see Nicolas Cage's latest movie (and seriously... they all look the same to me !) with two friends who became a couple. And since they wanted to eat junk food I just ate... nothing. Healthy lifestyle FTW !

Okay, tomorrow the whole Belgium will be on strike AGAIN ! Seriously, last time was just one month ago ! And I'm always the single serious student going to school WTF ?! But there's P.E., that's why I want to go !

Music : Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see

I also entered Chicutopia's first giveaway (congrats for your 130+ followers !). Click here to join !

6 commentaires:

  1. Miam ton plat semble bon *bave*
    Ouais on va rire en regardant 7 à 8 xDD

    I love ur baby face and your hair didn't curl that much so it's ok 8D.
    Je m'excuse hein pour mon parapluie XD.

    Bon bah ce reportage-documentaire je ne sais quoi n'était pas sur la Kpop mais plutôt axé SJ. Bref, CACA.

  3. good luck for the giveaway and i like your hair but i hate rain messing my hair too :p the food and smoothies look so yummy! i hope you're doing well :) long time no visit im really sorry :(

  4. thank you ^_^ I'm glad we're back too :3 happy bloggin!

  5. The food looks so delicious and I love your bangs! ^^

  6. you know, I live in Japan yet I don't really eat Japanese food out a lot :O it's weird. but the food you posted looks delicious!! and thanks for the giveaway link :D i'll try it out!


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