mercredi 2 novembre 2011

Fashion Trail @ Brussels

On Saturday was the Parcours Modo (or Fashion Trail) in Brussels (‐^▽^‐). Starting at the Rits Bar where you get a map and some other explanations, The Fashion Trail is exposing more than 70 participants, from young talents to well-known designers. (^ε^)♪

The Rits Bar with nail bar and blogger

Very awkward pose with the bag given at the start. Also, censored face v(^-^)v

Brussels meets Seoul meets Brussels. Exhibitions of outfits from both Korean students of the Samsung Art & Design Institute of Seoul and First Year students from La Cambre.

On the wedding theme (dress and suite, black and white, Yin and Yang, etc), there were rice everywhere in front of the shop

Not even finished yet, this shop use it as a concept : the shoes are on pallets and the workers are wearing helmets

Probably what I wanted to see the most : Maison Martin Margiela ♥. For the Fashion Trail, the whole collection was there.


I have a lot more pictures but I think that's enough or it'll be pretty tiring ('-^*)/

Music : Kanye West ft. Jay-Z - Nig**s in Paris
What's that jacket Margiela?!

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  1. oh man! that is such a cool event!!! do you get stuff or do you just find the places to see the collections?

    ha ha ha thank you! but im sure people just need to find a red that fits them! :3

  2. So nice exhibition ^___^
    I want to see more designs from Seoul!


  3. uwaaaa, I hope I have something like that here =/


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